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Lease Purchase At Work

A Lease Purchase Program That Works

The Real Estate Gallery’s Lease Purchase At Work™ Program was designed to benefit property owners, potential homebuyers and the community at large.
A lease purchase is a lease agreement combined with a purchase and sale agreement, to be consummated at a future date (usually between one and two years, sometimes sooner). The Lease Purchase At Work™ Program incorporates credit management for a successful sale.

Benefits for Rental Property Owners

  • You will obtain an initial down payment, monthly rental payments and a future sale date;
  • You will obtain periodic updates regarding the progress that the potential buyer is making towards consummating the sale by the agreed upon closing date;
  • Your property will have a better chance of being protected by someone living and caring for the property since homeownership is top of mind for the potential buyer; and
  • You will realize a profit from your asset when the property sells at the closing table (the property will need to appraise for the agreed upon purchase price).

Please consider enrolling your available rental properties in the Lease Purchase At Work™ Program.
Please click the link below to download a brochure regarding this program.

Lease Purchase at Work


Benefits for Potential Homebuyers

  • Allows you the opportunity to secure a home today for purchase at a later date.
  • Allows you the opportunity to enroll in a preferred state-of-the-art credit education and management program to improve your overall credit. Each credit program is customized to your specific needs.
  • You will learn about other factors that affect mortgage approval, such as employment history and the importance of saving.
  • After the successful completion of this program, you will be empowered for financial wellness with the ability to purchase a home using FHA or conventional financing.

Please get on The Road to Homeownership with the Lease Purchase At Work™ Program.
Please click the link below to download an application.

The Road to Homeownership


For more information, please contact the office at 678-610-3045.