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Rental properties in Atlanta – Sandy Springs – Roswell, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area


If you’re a prospective renter in the Greater Atlanta area, we’d love to work with you. The Real Estate Gallery Rentals offers a variety of properties — including lofts, condos, houses and more — to give you maximum flexibility and choice. Our professional property managers help ease the burden of your move by getting to know you as an individual, suggesting locations that will work for you and assisting with paperwork and other move-in tasks. We’re so dedicated to working with renters, we even offer a special program that allows you to lease a property with the option to purchase it later. And, we partner with a credit repair company to help you clean up any credit dings in anticipation of a purchase.

shutterstock_161121551The Real Estate Gallery Rentals also is pleased to work with entrepreneurs and business owners to locate the right office space in the right location.

If you’re considering a personal or business move to the Greater Atlanta area, you’re making a great decision. As the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, Atlanta is home to a diverse population, a thriving business community and seemingly endless entertainment options.

We’d be delighted to assist with your move to or within the Greater Atlanta area. Please contact us today to get started!